We manufacture high quality CALIBRATION WEIGHTS and WEIGHT SETS from 1mg to 50kg in all classes from E0 to M3 in OIML, from 0 to 7 in ASTM and NIST F. We also manufacture custom made weights and mass sets. In every stage meets all the requirements and demands of the market by offering high quality weights.

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Impact resistant cases are provided for their safety and if requested,

They can specially designed cases that conform to clean room requirements.

Variety of carrying cases

INSCO offfers a wide variety of carrying cases such as

wooden boxes, plastic cases and transit cases.

Replacement Cases

Variety of cases for replacements of individual or weight sets:

wooden box, plastic case, transit case.

Heavy-Duty Custom Weight Cases

INSCO offers a complete line of custom weight cases. These weight cases are designed specific to your need. Insert are custom cut to dimensions of the weight. Custom weight cases are available in heavy-duty, wood stainless steel, polypropylene and polycarbonate.




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