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Kaye Equipment Sales

As a Representative and Distributor of validation equipment, INSCO has been the only authorized and approved exclusive distributor of KAYE equipment in Puerto Rico for over 15 years. As the authorized and approved representative of Amphenol Advanced Sensors – Kaye products – in Puerto Rico, INSCO has undergone extensive training and certification in order to adequately represent the sale, rental, repair, calibration and technical issues around the Kaye products.

INSCO is also a distributor of diverse lines of laboratory and industrial equipment and instruments.

A team of experienced sales and customer service representatives works closely with our customers to identify and meet their product and service needs.

Validation Accessories

To support you in meeting your validation requirements, a whole line of accessories, including Validation documentation (IQ/OQ Protocol and Reference Binder for Design Qualification), thermocouples, feedthru’s, shipping cases and pressure transducer, is available.
All these accessories, designed with the best precision and performance, make the validation process easier.

Thermocouples wires and probes

Kaye’s Ultra Premium Type T thermocouple wire and probes have been designed to provide the highest uniformity, purity and accuracy in the industry when used from -200°C to 400°C. The Teflon coated wire is rated for continous use at 200C with a peak rating of 260C, while Kapton coated insulated wire will withstand use up to 400°C.
The new Autobond Leak Resistant Teflon wire and probes, designed specifically for Autoclave and SIP applications, prevents the penetration of water or steam into the thermocouple probes.
Teflon or Kapton Thermocouple wire in 1000-ft spool or probes manufacture according to the required length, are available at a competitive price and fast delivery.

Thermocouples wires and probesThermocouples wires and probes

Feedthru for Autoclave applications

The feedthru is designed to seal the autoclave port when introducing thermocouples into the chamber. It allows up to 18 thermocouples to be introduced into the validated chamber. Standard 1.5” TRICLAMP process connection. Delived with special gasket for great seal. Temperature up to 140°C

Feedthru for Autoclave applicationsFeedthru for Autoclave applications

Pressure Transducer for Autoclaves

The pressure transducer is optimized to work with autoclaves and the Validator AVS or Validator 2000. No power supply required. Accuracy of 10mbar @ 121°C. Pressure range 0 to 4 bar absolute Pressure value can be handled directly by the Validator.

Pressure Transducer for Autoclaves

IQ/OQ Protocol

The Installation Qualification/ Operational Qualification Protocol defines a set of procedures to ensure that the Kaye Validator system is properly installed and operated according to Kaye recommendations, and is adequately documented and controlled according to cGMP requirements.

The documents are provided in hard copy and on CD, allowing the users to modify the documentation to suit specific organizational requirements.

IQ/OQ Protocol

Validator AVS Shipping Case

Hardened shipping / storage case. Accommodates Validator AVS , 4 SIMS, Tablet PC F5T and accessories, given the best storage when the system not in use.

This waterproof case protects against moisture, dust and pollution. It provides safety during shipments and internal transportation.

Validator AVS Shipping Case