Laboratory Equipment

Sales of GE Kaye Validation Equipment

We undergone have extensive training and certification in order to adequately represent the technical, repair and calibration issues around the following GE Kaye products:

    • Validator (Wired thermal validation)
    • RF Valprobe (real-time wireless validation)
    • Valprobe (Wireless data loggers)
    • IRTD (temperature standard)
    • Dry Block and Liquid Baths (temperature references)
    • LabWatch (centralized monitorring, alarm and reporting system)
    • Accessories for thermal Validation

Sales of Laboratory and Industrial Equipment

    • Laboratory Balances
      1. Ultra Micro Balances
      2. Semi Micro Balances
      3. Microbalance
      4. Analytical
      5. Toploader
    • Scales, Indicators, Platforms, and weighing system for industrial applicationsScale Metler
    • Toledo
    • Moisture Analyzers
      1. Incubators
      2. CO2/O2
      3. Water jacketed CO2 and CO2/O2
      4. Direct Heat CO2
      5. Steri-Cycle CO2
      6. Steri-Cult CO2