Kaye LabWatch IoT

Kaye LabWatch IoT Monitoring System – Facility Monitoring System


The LabWatch™ environmental monitoring system is a complete solution for critical stability, environmental, and facility monitoring applications. LabWatch detects alarm conditions and alerts personnel wherever they are, documents any number of chambers without generating stacks of paper, protects data with secure storage, and lets you access data easily for analysis.


Regulatory compliance
The extensive new reporting capabilities of the LabWatch IoT system allow you to generate reports in compliance with FDA, GMP/GLP, AABB, JCAHO, AAALAC and other regulatory bodies. By maintaining a secure archive of monitored values from your sensors, alarms and system access, the facility monitoring system can readily provide the information you need for internal analysis and regulatory required documentation.

Scalability & Flexibility
Whether you are looking for monitoring 5 points for a single room, or 500+ inputs,on a system spread globally, LabWatch IoT provides the building blocks to meet your specific needs. LabWatch IoT provides the flexibility for you to build up your own system or get a turnkey end to end solution from Kaye Instruments.

Monitor, Alarm, Secure, Report, Access, Visibility
With sophisticated facility monitoring and reporting features, LabWatch IoT proves to be an effective turnkey solution for your laboratory, warehouse and stability monitoring needs. The system provides a cost effective way to view and collect real time data for regulatory compliant monitoring of your valuable inventory. Critical environmental information is provided to assure that your equipment is operating within defined parameters, thereby protecting your assets and providing a ready trail of compliance.

Key Features & Benefits
• Operates in compliance with the FDA regulation 21 CFR Part 11 on Electronic Signatures and Records.
• Creates an audit trail of alarms and actions taken by the facility monitoring system and the people who log onto the system.
• Provides a complete history of alarms and data in one central location, automatically.
• Protects your time by avoiding nuisance alarms and guards your product investment by providing reliable alarm detection.
• Notifies an unlimited number of people to handle specific alarm conditions with a variety of notification methods: mobile APP, email, SMS and audio alarms.
• Lets you retrieve data easily for viewing, reporting, analysis, and regulatory inspection.
• Provides tools to review historical data and create the customized reports to suit management or client requirements.
• Provides secure data storage via AWS GxP storage to prevent tampering.
• Does not require any specific OS – uses industry standard browsers to access the monitoring system.
• Unlimited amount of concurrent users can access the facility monitoring system

Wired/Wireless Distributed Measurement Hardware
• Redundant Data Storage – Loggers, Base stations, Netpac II
• Remote Access – any standard web browser
• Ease of Use Alarm Notification – mobile APP, Email, SMS
• Reporting Features
• Services – Specification development, Installation, IQ/OQ protocol development/execution, Training, Calibration Services, Technical Support


Typical Applications
• Warehouses Clean Rooms
• Blood Banks
• Pharmacies
• Cold Storage
• Animal Rooms
• Laboratories

Typical Assets
• Stability Chambers
• Freezers
• Refrigerators
• Incubators
• Cryogenic Freezers
• LN2 tanks
• Ovens

Typical Sensor Inputs
• Temperature – RTDs, Thermocouples
• Humidity
• CO2
• Pressure – Absolute, Differential
• Contacts – Door Switch, Relays
• Voltage/Current inputs
• Light – Visible, Ultraviolet
• Air Flows