Kaye RF Valprobe Loggers

Kaye RF Valprobe Loggers

The Loggers are designed for operation in warehouses, chambers, fridges and freezers. Loggers have internal RH sensor and either an internal or external temperature sensor. There is an option to read 4/20mA, 0-10v or contact switch inputs.

  • Internal RH Sensor: Range 0-100%RH, Accuracy 2%RH
  • Internal Temperature: Range -40°C to 60°C, Accuracy 0.5°C
  • External Temperature: Range -200°C to 200°C, Accuracy 0.1°C to 0.3°C
  • Battery Life: e.g. 2 years @ 1 min sample rate

The loggers store up to 10,000 samples per sensor permitting the operation as a data logger if RF communication is not possible, e.g. one logger placed in a warehouse exhaust HVAC duct. The logger will resume transmitting data once it is in RF communication with the base station or other logger.


  • RF Mesh Networking technology provides reliable realtime process data. Uses global 2.4GHz RF frequencies
  • 100% guarantee of validation data delivery
  • Ability to store data as a logger if no RF network available
  • Two year battery performance
  • Operates standalone or with PC connected
  • Intuitive study setup and extensive calculations
  • Best in class data analysis tools
  • Report tool can process and create merged reports
  • Provides temperature to 0.1°C accuracy, RH to 2%RH, 4/20mA, 0-10v and contact switch inputs


Mesh networking technology is proven in many harsh environment applications. Its implementation in the Kaye product line allows up to 100 nodes to be connected in a seamless, reliable and self forming mesh network. The mesh technology permits nodes to communicate with the base station and each other, correcting for weak RF links and automatically adjusting to dynamic RF environment.