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Instrumentation Services Company (INSCO) has over 45 years of experience in the business and process controls, calibration instrumentation service, electrical engineering, maintenance solutions, calibration and installation services. With over 125 full time dedicated employees maintaining work ethic standards of high quality standards, hard work and customer responsiveness, INSCO is organized into four operating divisions. INSCO is very proud of its base of more than 200 customers. INSCO laboratories in the western hemisphere: Which are located in Miami (USA), Puerto Rico and Mexico (DF)

After a long and successful journey offering calibration service of excellence, INSCO decided to enter the market of weights manufacturing in the year 2000. Our steadiness in the industry, leaded us to the selection of the material super austenitic stainless steel for our weights. Committed in offering quality products with the capability of satisfying the most critical demands of the market and relying upon two basic elements in our labor which are our state-of-the-art equipment and qualified personnel, we manufacture weights in all size and shapes within the OIML and ASTM regulations. Products for special applications such as stackable weights, hook weights, weight carts, among others along with a diversity of cases are manufactured upon request.

INSCO is manufacturing high quality precision weights to satisfy your needs. From any shape and any tolerance, we offer a variety ranging from 50 kg to 1 mg. Impact resistant cases that conform to clean room requirements. INSCO can provide weights in any size and classification. INSCO, manufacturing the calibration weights our customers demand... even up to 500 kg.

The PRODUCTION PROCESS in all of its phases complies with all requirements and demands in the market, offering products of optimum quality. INSCO weights are manufactured from super austenitic stainless steel. This high-grade material in the production of our weights is of uniform density, corrosion resistant, and has low magnetic properties, essential characteristics to ensure optimum quality.


INSCO has emerged as an aggressive   supplier of precision weights and calibration weight sets. We can immediately supply any standard or special size weight for any particular class. Our precision weights are manufactured of stainless steel with the maximum quality standards in the world. We guarantee the highest quality and we are serious about it. Our Mass Laboratory is equipped with fully automatic comparators. These automatic comparators perform multiple unattended repetitive measurements that are analyzed.

This results in small deviations and a very high level of confidence in the measured values. Each comparator is assigned to a specific range of weight, from 1kg to 100g, from 100g to 10g, and from 0.5mg to 5 g. The excellent environmental control and standard calibration procedures provide them the best conditions to work within their stated capabilities. Specially designed for INSCO, the marble tables complete the platform of our Metrology Laboratory. Due to these superior environmental controls, standard procedures and advanced technologies, INSCO provides highly reliable calibration instrument service and solutions.

Accredited by the  NIST/National  Voluntary  Laboratory Accreditation Program for the specific scope of accreditation under lab code 200508-0, our Mass Laboratory is equipped with the most advanced comparators available in the market capable of calibrations with accuracies to 0.1 mg and state of the art environmental controls. Ongoing mass interlaboratory comparison provides periodic checks on our measurement methodologies.




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