AM1960/1950 SPRTs

Standard Platinum Resistance Thermometers (SPRTs) are used to interpolate temperature in the range from -189.3442°C to 660.323°C on the International Temperature Scale of 1990 (ITS-90). They are widely used as standard or reference thermometers to calibrate other thermometers and to measure temperature precisely in primary and secondary laboratories. AM1950 and AM1960 SPRTs are the crown jewels of AccuMac temperature probes. It takes decades of our scientific expertise and original craftsmanship to create these world class products. They feature a very low drift rate.
To reach the best performance in stability and repeatability, the sensing element and sensor support are specially designed. To protect the platinum sensing wire from contamination at high temperature, all parts used in the thermometer are extremely cleaned before assembly. The assembly process is well controlled to protect the sensor from contamination. The gas mixture filled in the thermometer makes the sensor wire oxidation effect as low as possible. Every SPRT is fully tested for stability after manufactured. This world class probe meets ITS-90 criteria of standard thermometer fully with a very competitive pricing. AM1950 has a temperature range from -200°C to 500°C. AM1960 covers range from -200°C to 670°C.


    Temperature Range
    1950: -200°C to 500°C
    1960: -200°C to 670°C
    Nominal 25 Ω
    Resistance Ratio
    Drift at 0.01°C*
    1950      ΔR(0.01°C ) <0.002 °C/100 hours at 500°C
                    ΔR(0.01°C ) <0.004 °C/year
    1960      ΔR(0.01°C ) <0.003 °C/100 hours at 670°C
                    ΔR(0.01°C ) <0.005 °C/year
    ±0.001 °C
    Thermal Shock
    ±0.001 °C after 10 times thermal cycles from minimum to maximum temperatures
    0.0015 °C at 1 mA current
    Measurement Current
    1 mA
    Sensor Length
    42 mm
    Insulation Resistance
    >1000 MΩ at room temperature
    Sheath Material
    1950: 7 mm (OD) X 480 mm (L)
    1960: 7 mm (OD) X 500 mm (L)
    External Leads
    Insulated copper wire, 4 leads, 2.5 meters
    Gold-plated Spade
    Handle Dimension
    21mm (OD) X 80 mm (L)
    Not included

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